Equine Photography Session FAQs

Equine Photography Session FAQs

How long does a session last?

My standard equine photography sessions last two hours. You can extend for as long as you wish, however!

Backlit photo of a grey horse with mounted rider just before sunset
If you like more natural lighting, the sunset slot is a great time to book your session – by Equine Photographer Karl Drage

How far will you travel for a session?

30 miles of travel in each direction are included as standard within my session pricing. I am happy to travel beyond that, though, for an additional 50p per mile.

A lady gives her horse a reassuring pat on the neck
Beautiful portraits of you and your ride – by Equine Photographer Karl Drage


I am very happy for you to shape the equine photography session however you see fit within the duration of your booking, including outfit changes.

Horse Portrait
I don’t very often do black-background equine portraits, but they can be very effective – by Equine Photographer Karl Drage

Do you have a preferred time of day for when sessions take place?

It really depends on the type of pictures you’re looking for and the lay of the land around the location the session will take place. I am a sucker for a sunset (and what follows after – blue hour), but they a) require a lot of co-operation from Mother Nature, and b) aren’t possible everywhere due to trees/built-up areas etc. I do have portable studio lights, which produce some really nice effects both in the middle of the day and as it gets / after it’s got dark. Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Silhouetted lady riding a horse in the blue hour
Blue-hour silhouette shots of you and your horse are just stunning, IMHO! by Equine Photographer Karl Drage

I have an equine photography session booked but the forecast is rubbish. What happens?

To an extent, it’s up to you. Rain can add a really great dimension to action shots (and I’m more than happy to get wet!), but it’s not so good for portraits. If you have a suitable indoor space, we can use my portable studio lights to still get some nice portraits, albeit not outside. If you would prefer to postpone, I am happy to work with you to try to reschedule. Please note, that option will only be offered if rain/snow/extreme winds are forecast. Standard cancellation terms otherwise apply. A yes/no decision will be made on the evening prior to your session.

A girl rides her horse in a rain shower
Pictures of you riding your horse in the rain might not be quite what you had in mind when you booked your session, but the results can still be quite effective. I am very happy to get wet, if you are! by Equine Photographer Karl Drage

Can I share the cost of a session with some friends?

Absolutely! Just remember there will be less shots of each of you, and you’ll have to work out how to share the images (both prints and digitals) that you receive as standard within the package. You can of course purchase additional print/digital combinations at £10 per shot.

Two girls sitting on their ponies for a photo after sunset
You are very welcome to share the cost of an equine photography session between a group of you – by Equine Photographer Karl Drage

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