Equine Photography – Sunset Horse & Pony Portraits

Equine Photography – Sunset Horse & Pony Portraits

Horse & Pony Portraits at Sunset OR LATER

Depending on the proposed location of your equine portrait photography session, it might be possible (with the co-operation of Mother Nature) to get shots of you and your horse or pony as the sun sets.

Young girl sitting on her palomino pony with a sunset behind
My studio lights really make the colours pop in the sky, particularly after the sun has set – by Equine Portrait Photographer Karl Drage

My portable studio lights are amazing at making the colours in the sky pop as the sun goes down and even beyond, into the blue hour. If we get the right day, you will end up with some stunning sunset pictures of you and your horsey friend.

Girl sitting on her pony for an equine portrait shoot after sunset
Some colours of horses show up better than others under lights. Piebalds and skewbalds look particularly good! – by Equine Portrait Photographer Karl Drage

There’ll be plenty of time to jump into some different coloured outfits, if you so wish, since sunset doesn’t move especially fast!

Backlit shot of a dismounted female rider patting her horse at sunset
A band of haze on the horizon meant this particular sunset wasn’t as impressive as it otherwise might have been, but the results are still nice – by Equine Portrait Photographer Karl Drage

The sunset session is probably the most difficult to combine portraits with action shots, but depending on the surroundings, it might still be possible.

Silhouetted shot of female rider stroking her horse's nose at sunset
Hallie dips his head for some fuss during our sunset equine photo shoot – by Equine Portrait Photographer Karl Drage

The other fantastic thing about the sunset slot is that it opens up the possibility of silhouetted shots, which I absolutely adore.

Silhouette shot of horse and rider
Sunset equine shoots can provide the most amazing results, if the lay of the land is right. The fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun disappears either – by Equine Portrait Photographer Karl Drage

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