Equine Photography – Daylight Horse & Pony Portraits

Equine Photography – Daylight Horse & Pony Portraits

Horse & Pony Portraits in Daylight

The middle of the day might not ordinarily be the best time to plan to take horse & pony portrait shots. It’s when the sun, particularly in summer, is at its highest, and this creates heavy shadows in photographs. It’s particularly noticeable if you’re wearing a riding helmet, when much of your face might fall into darkness.

A girl goes in for a kiss with her whinnying pony
Sometime ponies pull the funniest faces! Daylight equine photography with studio lights – by horse and pony photographer Karl Drage

By utilising my portable studio lights, I’m able to greatly reduce those shadows and produce some stunning, bright, vibrant, colourful shots of you and your horse together. It’s especially effective when the sky is blue, but even on a grey day, it can still work well.

Girl sitting on her palomino pony wearing LeMieux's Azure Colour Collection
Making use of studio lights in daylight is a new addition to my equine photography repertoire. The results can be quite spectacular, as you can see! – by horse and pony photographer Karl Drage

Depending on how you want to structure your horse and pony photography session with me, there may well be time for an outfit change or two. So, if you’re anything like Sammy Grace, we can get pictures of you and your pony in a range of matchy-matchy outfits from your favourite manufacturer. As you can see, Sammy Grace is very much a LeMieux girl!

Girl holding her palomino pony for a daylight photo session with studio lights
Pony portraits in daylight on a stunning blue day – by horse and pony photographer Karl Drage

We don’t have to focus solely on one type of equine photography during your session. If you would like to combine some equine portraits with some action shots, that’s perfectly doable, so long as we have time.

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